Kanani is a professional Polynesian dancer based out of Southern California. She is currently the Lead Instructor at her family dance studio, Lokelani’s Rhythm of the Islands. Kanani is a multi-award winning Tahitian soloists, including titles at Heiva I Paris 2018 Top Vahine and ‘Ori Tahiti World Cup 2nd place. Kanani has had the opportunity to travel the world as a both a dancer and choreographer. She has been to Japan, Tahiti, Europe, and all throughout the United States. Her goal as a young Polynesian Woman is to lead by example. Kanani strongly believes in “Reaching for the stars..” and working everyday to achieve your best life. She uses Dance as a way to communicate with the world and provide a safe place for others to open their hearts and minds. This is Kanani Lokelani Asuega.

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